Here at Argex the security of our customer’s information is of paramount importance.

We will only ever take the necessary level of information to complete an order.

This will include: Name/Company Name, Address, Contact information and Credit/Debit card details.

Your information will be used solely by Argex to accurately assign your order to the correct account. We ask for contact information in the event that we may need to contact you in relation to your order and will do this via email or telephone.

We have invested in the highest level of security software to ensure the safe transmission of your payment details to us. The details are encrypted before being transmitted across to us here where our security software will then decode them for use against your order. We do not store any payment details after the payment has been taken so these will need to be provided with each new order.

Argex does not engage in the sale, trade or distribution of your information to any third parties.